A self-development language learning method

designed to help you reach your full language learning potential and more

Consists of two phases

Methodology training

8 sessions in English – 90 minutes each

can be rewatched on YT after Zoom calls

You’ll learn about language learning
from all aspects, including


memory optimization

habit formation

creating an optimal learning environment

time management

Along the journey you’ll get

a chance to release all blockages and subconscious programs about learning once and for all using effective meditation tools

easy-to-use and powerful mental and spiritual practices that can elevate your mind

dozens and dozens of ways through which you can learn languages, all explained in depth to maximize their efficiency

clarity about your journey and how to get the most out of your learning experience

hands-on practical experience of using the method itself

Mentoring program

2 sessions every week starting right after the training
three months included in current deal

to revise and evaluate progress

to provide constant support and motivation

to maximize efficiency of habit formation

to get the best and most out of the journey

to use the power of a group heading towards the same goal

The method has a beneficial impact on people’s lives in many different ways far beyond learning the chosen foreign language itself. The tools you’ll receive will help your career and your personal journey through life as well.

It doesn’t make a difference which language you are learning and what level you’re currently at, as the discovery of your optimal surroundings and state of mind for learning takes you through the same journey. The method has been under rigorous testing for over 1.5 years with incredible results from students from various age groups, with different social backgrounds and personality types.

In the ocean of languages, you’ll learn to fish, not just be given a fish.

New course starting on Monday 02.05.2022 with 2-3 sessions a week

Introductory price €120 for the full package before online launch

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My story

After graduating in 2009, majoring in English and German languages and literatures, I worked as teacher in both the public and the private sectors for many years. Speaking foreign languages fluently always had a tremendous effect on my life. Being an electronic music producer and a broker for all banks and insurance companies in Hungary it gave me an edge on the market. It also allowed me to follow my heart on a long spiritual journey which resulted in me moving to Valencia, Spain.

Alternative learning styles and methods have always filled me with excitement, but I originate the idea behind the course from a language course I was holding around 2017. I remember being very tired at a session of a course organized by a language school late in the evening when a student of mine said the following:
‘It’s all good that we are doing here, but what happens when the course ends? What should we do at home?’

It was a catalyst for my creative, problem-solving self to keep brainstorming for 1.5 hours straight. Ever since then, this was the topic that always popped up on all my courses with me collecting more and more ideas about autonomous language learning.

I started working on this method in 2020 at an all-time-low point in my life. I just started jotting my thoughts down and soon I realized that I had been writing a book for a week straight on my iPad. It all felt like someone was dictating it to me, just like the first time the idea came up in the classroom a couple of years earlier.

Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with the topic, having read and annotated over 60.000 pages of books, dissertations, research papers in neuroscience, psychology, pedagogy and applied spirituality.

I launched the first training in February 2021 for Hungarian friends, colleagues and friends of friends who have achieved fascinating results not just in language learning, but in their careers, businesses as well as their everyday lives.

After a long journey, time has come for me to launch the training based on my experience in English for the international community as a next step of the method’s evolution before going public.

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